My inner thoughts….

My goal with this platform from now on is just to share my own little snippets of how I feel and these entries may or may not be regular. I’m writing to you from the inside of the barbershop I go to. Something that has been on my mind as of late is living in someone else’s dogma. Hang with me for a second…why do we do this to ourselves? With all of these tools at our disposal and the capabilities we have to do whatever we want, we still let our actions be filtered through someone else’s judgements. Who gives a shit what they think! It’s not their lives and who’s to say that they’re right? You’re given one life to live and if you spend it underneath someone’s thumb, then you have not and will not live life to its true potential. This is a hard implementation for people to grab hold of, but it is true. Do not give your one life away for the satisfaction of others. You are better than that! Good luck!

– Steve