First of all, I want to start this entry by saying thank you to everyone who read, commented, and shared my post. It is a great feeling to know I’ve inspired you, because that is my ultimate goal. If I can leave the world richer in substance, then I have completed the ultimate mission. Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, it just comes down to heart.

The Lottery Mindset

These past few weeks have been riddled with all kinds of people buying lottery tickets and praying for miracles. It seemed that everyone was spending all of their hard earned money on something that was a long shot. When the lottery was at $800 million, the chances of someone winning was 1 in 292 million. I want to say that I’m not bashing people who decided to buy a ticket. I think it’s pretty cool that our country allows someone who may be having a hard time, to turn their misfortunes into a chance to live better and give back. With that being said, this is also what comes to my mind when I think of the lottery.

It gives people the mindset that you have a “chance” to get ahead without necessarily working for it. Unfortunately, it seems that my generation has adopted this mentality the most. It provokes the notion that you can get ahead by thinking you will get lucky and fortune will knock on your front door. That’s not real life. Life is, and always will be, a grind. It can also facilitate the thought that people who are successful may have been lucky. That’s, most of the time, not the case.

You must work hard for what you want and do whatever it takes to create opportunities for the dreams you are chasing. Life will NOT come knocking on your door willing to give you everything your heart desires. That’s just not the way it works. Instead, be willing to pour your heart and soul into capturing your dream. That, is the proven formula. There are no shortcuts or pipe dreams to success. Anything that keeps you up at night or dreaming during the day, is something that you must work to get to. Expect your journey to be hard, but have faith that it will be fruitful. I commend you in your journey and wish you the best.

– Steve

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