We all have things in our past that come into our minds at some point in time to remind us that we failed or missed a great opportunity. You go through your life trying to live and then something comes along to trigger a painful memory within your psyche. Sometimes you may see a person or an object that takes you right back to that place and time that you don’t want to go to. Do not feel bad, this is a universal feeling.

If you believe in a higher power, you have to know that whatever you’ve done and are about to do have been set in stone already. We are human (not divine), and we make errors. Thus, it is our mistakes that guide us into the direction we are meant to go. In order for us to see our lives come into their complete fruition, we must trust that all mistakes we’ve made are just a gate in which we walk through. It isn’t any of our business as to how we get to where we’re supposed to go.

The only way to move forward, is to acknowledge the situation, forgive yourself, and continue living. I’ve seen great people get buried by things they’ve done in their pasts and have done nothing in their lives, but wallow in it. Why? Why do you take a life that God has given you to live, and throw it away? People die everyday, yet there are individuals walking around us who might as well be dead. Be thankful that you are still here and know that you have a purpose! You are here for a reason, and it is up to you to fulfill that role. Surround yourself with an atmosphere that provokes the best inner thoughts you possess. Try your best to stay away from the people that drag you down. Your energy and time is valuable, and you can’t waste it in negativity.

God does not allow you to live, so you can dwell on things he’s already taken care of. You must realize that the mistakes of your past is not the person you are now. Realize that you are different now, and that you will not be defined by your errors of old. Your offering is just as significant as anyone else’s, and you must make a commitment to yourself that you will find out what your purpose is, and attack it with all your might.

– Steve

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