It’s so easy to do. Giving up is something that we all think about doing when things get hard because it’s a natural feeling. Sadly, some of us quit when we are so close to making our dream a reality. We come right to the cusp of the breakthrough that we yearned for and then we stop. How come? Why is being average so easy? Even when we get the opportunity to be successful, we get scared of it. Life hits us so hard with disappointment after disappointment, that we succumb to the pressure and crumble.

There are a number of things that can give us the inspiration to go on. For me, my inspiration comes from faith and historical triumphs I’ve read about before. Events of adversity that propelled people to victory when it seemed like their hope was lost. I love to hear about battles filled with desperation. The Spartans were outnumbered 100 to 10,000 but they never gave up. Nelson Mandela lost 20+ years of his life to prison, but never gave up. I think of these heroic individuals and wonder why I even think about quitting.

Choosing to suffer isn’t popular, but it’s necessary in order to achieve what you want. Success doesn’t come to everyone, because it’s not easy to obtain. If you haven’t thought about quitting, then you are not aiming high enough. You can’t live in the shadows and try to obtain a big goal. You must come into the light and take your chance with faith. Life will be chocked full of disappointments, but when you reach your goal, you will understand that all of those setbacks were worth it!

Don’t ever give up, live your life like a lion. Lions do whatever it takes to survive. People who don’t give up actually learn what life is about. It’s about showing others what they are capable of. They need to know that the human spirit is capable of so much! You can’t quit when you know that people you care about are behind you and need you to be a light to them. They can become someone because you became someone! Never give up, no matter what! Giving up yields regret,  and that is the worst feeling of them all. Be a lion and have a good week!

– Steve

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