This is my 2 year old nephew, Deklyn. Well, January 2nd is his birthday to be exact, but I digress. I’m already more proud of him than he could ever know, like he was my own son. I envy the way he approaches his life with the wonder of a new being in a new atmosphere. He’s constantly exploring his surroundings with the intent of finding out what things are. Sometimes, I even see him in his crib tossing and turning with intensity while he sleeps. I know that he is dreaming and moving around without delay in whatever world he is inhabiting at that time. He has always been so intent on finding out what things are that he won’t be stopped in completing his task. He climbs way too high on objects, he tries things he isn’t supposed to, and often he just seems too adventurous for his own good. Most people would think that he is a handful and could potentially become a “problem child”. When in reality, the way he approaches life is the way we all should.

What am I referring to, you ask? In life, it seems we lose sight of what makes us human as we get older because of the societal pressures placed upon us. We continue to be conformed in order to make things “easier” on our teachers, authority figures, etc. This is the way life is supposed to be right? Aren’t we supposed to do what we’re told until the day we die? Not in the slightest. I believe with everything in my core, that we were meant to do more. We were meant to challenge the status quo, reach for something greater, and live beyond the boundaries that were set for us by society.

We are told as children to stay in school and that eventually we’ll get a “good” job. We’re encouraged to get married, have kids, and stay at this “good” job until retirement or death. It seems as though we are put into this “cookie cutter” lifestyle because it is normal. Normality is so boring, yet, we are all trying to fit in. The Pavlovic conditioning we all face is the number one reason we fall into mediocrity. If we could just do as kids do and follow our desires, our hearts, our humanistic traits, how could we go wrong? The answer is, we couldn’t.

Humans are one of the greatest beings to ever exist because we reach for the stars, push boundaries, and love with everything in us. We’ve come from inventing fire and the wheel, to creating ways to get to the moon and studying astrological miracles. We’ve created anomalies throughout all of history, yet we still find a way to box ourselves in. Television, social media, and a host of other things are to blame for the fact that we are not in touch with each other or the natural world itself. It’s a shame that things are this way, but that’s what has arisen from this once great world we were provided with.

With this being said, there is a way out for you. I want you to approach your life in the way that Deklyn does. Approach life with your heart and not your head. Forget what people think about you, and be free in what you were intended to be. Shake the shackles that were placed on you at birth and shed the overwhelming anxiety that life has covered you in. You are children of God and have so much potential. Do you think he wanted you to live in a proverbial box of false contentment? The answer is no. You were meant to follow your heart and live life to its fullest potential. It has filled my heart with joy to deliver this to you, because you deserve to hear these words. Have a good week!

– Steve

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