There’s much to be said about a man or woman who has confidence, because throughout our lives we are told negative things. Whether it is about how we look, talk, or view situations, we usually receive negative feedback from someone. It makes you wonder what it’s like to even see someone who is confident in who they are.

Negative situations arise all the time in our lives. It could be media related (things you see on television), things you tell yourself, or just from conversations with peers or relatives. You are judged or misdirected from your own thoughts at almost every turn. Why is it that you can’t stand on your own two feet and have your own opinions? It seems as time goes on that we become more dependent on being accepted in society. Society’s views of who we are make us change all the time. Being individualistic is frowned upon almost immediately when expressed in the open. We have conformed to uniformity so much that when someone produces a different outlook, we immediately speculate that they are “cocky” or are full of themselves.

Why does this person stand out? What makes them walk or talk so differently? It’s confidence! Confidence comes from the internal understanding that it doesn’t matter what people think about you, it only matters how you feel about yourself. It is knowing that you come from a celestial being that has made you so powerful that you can accomplish great feats that most are too scared to try. This feeling is so empowering that it makes your friends or family sometimes view you as cocky or different. As long as we acknowledge that we are given these abilities from a greater power, there’s no way we should feel bad or like an outcast. Confidence is one of the greatest feelings in the world!

Cockiness is defined as being boastful in arrogance, and typically comes from people who either have done nothing or have not given thanks to the higher power they received it from. Consequently, these types feel it is necessary to tell everyone what they have accomplished due to a feeling of inferiority or the lack of recognition from others. Confidence, on the other hand, is something that can be interpreted silently. If you have accomplished great things and exude confidence, you typically don’t have to even mention it, people will pick up on it regardless. Sadly, confidence will often be interpreted poorly by others because they don’t understand that mentality.

What I want you to take from this, is that there is negativity everywhere. A lot of times people will pull you down with their opinions, but that is irrelevant to your future. If you know that you have confidence and are thankful for your gifts, that’s all that matters. In turn, you must use your gifts to help others. All great leaders not only show that they are confident, but they induce it from others. Keep your mind positive and push yourself to the next level. Have a great week!!!

– Steve

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